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Welcome to The Car Nut Home Page ! I, unfortunately, have the exotic car bug. I love just about any Italian sports car, especially Maserati. Also, I like Jaguar E-type (aka:
XKE); great looking and fun cars ! As a car collector, I am always looking for something new ..... so many cars, so little time !! Feel free to ask for advice on purchasing a
Maserati GT car or Jaguar XKE. They are wonderful cars but can be a very costly mistake if you buy the wrong car.

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other inventory, including my current restorations.  I always have some cars for sale, check out what is currently available.  Cars for sale change
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I tend to be a "hands on" owner ... meaning I love to take things apart and put them back together.. Over the years I have had the pleasure (in most cases!) of owning
3500GT coupe, 3500GT spyder, Sebring series 1 and 2, Mistral coupe, Mistral spyder, Ghibli 4.7 coupe (early and late), Ghibli SS coupe, Ghibli spyder, Indy, Khamsin and
Merak SS and several Jaguar series 1, series 1.5, series 2 and series 3 e-types. A few cars were a bit rough (and I paid dearly for those mistakes!)... some in show
condition, but most were "nice drivers" to be driven and enjoyed.

If you are new to Maserati, click on this
slide show  to see a quick overview of the production models from the 1960's through mid-1980s. There are many additional photos
and description on this website if you want to learn more about a particular model. If you already own a Maserati, you may want to visit the manuals download page, where
Use and Maintenance, Parts manuals and sales brochures are available for download.

Looking for information and photos of Jaguar e-type (aka: XKE)?
Click here to go to that section of the website

Looking for information on Maserati or Jaguar e-type? Check out the reference sections below as they provide a great way to start and a lot of detailed photos that should
help you on your search.

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Personal Collection  ... these are the cars in my personal collection
Maserati spyders: I have been restoring and collecting Maserati spyders (convertibles) for some time and for several years had one each of the three
production 60's and 70's spyders (3500GT Vignale, Mistral and Ghibli). I no longer have these three spyders ... but slowly I started to built the collection
again and finally in October of 2010 there is one of each of the classic Maserati spyders in my garage.... so life is good again :-)

For photos and information on the spyders click here: =======>
Maserati spyders
Jaguar e-type reference information and photos: Okay, it is kind of weird that someone that seems dedicated to Maserati would have an interest
in Jaguar. But let the truth be known, the Jaguar e-type was my first car love and the Maserati(s) came later. I simply love the e-type! The design is
perfect, and it is the type of car a home mechanic can tinker. I have restored many e-type and was the Concourse Director for the local Jaguar club,
plus I am a Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) judge and have been a national delegate. In other words ... I kind of know these cars inside and out!

"Selecting the Right Jaguar E-type for you"  If you are new to e-type read this article on the different years/series, their strengths and weaknesses.
There are many great Jaguar web sites,  I  provided links to these sites plus detailed photos of several of the e-types I've owned. You can use the
photos as reference when you are looking for an e-type. ======>
Jaguar e-type
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Maserati model reference information and photos: This is a great section to view many details photos of the various Maserati production GT cars
built between 1957 and 1982 (pre BiTurbo). If you are new to Maserati, start with the
Overview section. Check out the Maserati links for other Maserati
related sites plus information on Biturbos and pre-1957 race cars. To find out more about the various Maserati GT models, tips on what to look when
buying one and a lot of photos just click on this link ======>
Maserati GT cars     Links to additional Maserati sites ===> Links
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generally open to sharing my photos for valid use, please contact me to explain your needs. I have many of the photos available in high resolution.