1970 Ferrari 365GT 2+2
This lovely Ferrari 365GT 2+2 (aka: Queen Mary) came from a good friend that owned it since the early 1980's. The car is all original with the exception of a high quality
paint job in its original Verde Bahram, which was completed a few years ago.

This car reeks with patina!! The original leather is nice and soft and has a smell that is un-resistible. I just like to sit in the car and smell it !

These cars were built like tanks. The doors have a very solid feel and the build quality overall is excellent. While the car itself is rather large it does not feel that large when
driving it. The engine has a nice sporty exhaust note and the V12 is more than capable of propelling the vehicle.

Overall a superb vehicle with its original manuals, tools and long term ownership.

This car was recently shown at the 2018 Euro Auto Festival in Greenville, SC which featured Italian cars this year. The car won best Ferrari in its class.

I recently acquired a Ferrari Daytona which is filling the niche for a 365 V12 Ferrari. I like trying different cars so send me an e-mail at
ivan@thecarnut.com if you are
interested in acquiring or trading for this car

There are additional photos at this link:
365GT Green generated by VisualSlideshow.com