1968 Iso Grifo
VIN: GL740.157

I am a big fan of Giugiaro's designs and had always wanted an Iso Grifo. There is something about the shape of the car that I always found appealing. The Grifo has a
chassis designed by Bizzarrini and a very reliable (and easy to get parts) Chevy power plant.  

This particular car spent most of its life in California and has a very nice rust free body. This is important as Grifos are know for rust problems. Originally the car was
orange and repainted red many years ago. The paint is not perfect but looks very good for a driver. The seat fronts and carpets have been redone but everything else in
the interior is original ... well with the exception of the modern radio. I am usually opposed to modern radios on a vintage car but I am making an exception with the Grifo
as my intention is to drive it and not restore it to the next level.

The car originally came with a 350HP 327 cu/in small block Corvette engine. At some time the engine was replaced and it still has a small block Chevy engine but with
aluminum heads and more horsepower. The previous owner spent quite a bit having the engine and suspension rebuilt and there are receipts which detail the work done.  
It has the optional AC which works great with the upgraded rotary compressor. Previous owner added an electric power steering which makes the car really easy to steer.
Overall I am very impressed with how the car drives. It is one of those cars where departing from 100% originality has actually made a great improvement in the driving
experience. This is a car you can take anywhere, sit in traffic on a hot day and not have to worry.
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