1963 Jaguar E-type Roadster
VIN: 879344
Engine: RA1868-9
Body: R6058
Gearbox: EB10026JS
63,150 miles

This restored 1963 series 1 3.8 liter XKE roadster was delivered on May 18, 1963 to a gentleman in Los Angeles. The car has spent all its life in California
until very recently when the third owner moved from Los Angeles to Utah. This is a matching number car and a Jaguar Heritage Certificate is included with
the purchase.

In May, 2000 the car completed a year long comprehensive mechanical restoration of the engine, cooling system, gearbox, and brakes at a cost of over
$23,000. The work was done by XKs Unlimited in San Luis Obispo, CA; a well known Jaguar restoration shop and parts supplier. Included  are photos and a
ton of receipts documenting the mechanical restoration. The car had 62,968 miles when the work was completed, therefore the engine currently only has less
than 200 miles since the rebuilt and is essentially going thru the "break in" period.. When the engine was rebuilt XKs Unlimited found that the head had never
been removed, which would indicate the 63K miles shown on the odometer are accurate. In addition there are other receipts for items such as the rebuilding
of the front end suspension ($3500) ... in total there are over $38,000 in receipts over the last 3,000 miles. Just look at the engine bay photos as they speak
for themselves!

The paint and interior were restored about 10 years old and still look very good. According to the Heritage Certificate this car was originally silver blue. The
color conversion was done in the proper Jaguar color and was extensive as you will find red in the trunk floor, around the engine, on the floors and even
behind the instrument panel. There is one small area on the right rear of the bonnet where the paint has been hand re-touched. Looks like someone may have
left a tool and then closed the bonnet chipping the paint. It is not too bad and I'm sure a professional painter can retouch it if you are the real picky type.
Other than that there are no significant dents or scratches .... I would say the paint is a strong 8 of out 10. Door, bonnet and trunk lid gaps are all very good.
The chrome is excellent, including a new set of wire wheels with stainless spokes and new knock offs. Interior is very nice with no tears or rips on the
leather; seats show very little wear. The cloth soft top is in excellent condition with a clear back plastic  This is an early car with the aluminum dash console,
which I really like.

Car comes with owner's manual, knock off hammer, jack and bag, and lubrication chart .... plus a TON of receipts and photos documenting maintenance and
restoration work done.

Finding a straight and rust free 3.8 liter e-type is not easy as so many of these early XKE were abused. This, being a southern California car most of its life,
has avoided much of the dreaded "rust bug". Overall this is a strong #2 condition car, ready to be driven and taken to Jaguar shows.

This car has been sold
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Jaguar Heritage Certificate verifying numbers match plus tons of receipts
Photos of engine while it was being rebuilt by XKs
Unlimited. Engine currently has less than 200 miles.
This is the area where the paint was chipped and
hand tounched
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