1966 Jaguar e-type series 1 4.2 coupe

This 1966 XKE was purchased by the prior owner in 1970 for his wife. After they separated, the car was seldom used and eventually
went into storage for over 25 years. When I purchased the car the engine was seized after having not been used for so long. The prior
owner had painted the exterior of the car a non-original candy apple red but had kept the engine frame rails and inside the boot its original
black color. The red interior is original and in very good condition for the age of the car. The interior will be not be replaced as this would
destroy the car's patina.

The body was virtually rust free and I decided to bring back the car to its former glory. The engine and transmission were removed and
taken to Coventry West who did a complete rebuilt (new pistons, valves, guides, chains, etc) and the gearbox received new synchros. The
body was soda blasted to bare metal and the panels painstakingly block sanded to accept the black paint.  The results were stunning! The
photos tell the story much better than I can describe it.

Bumpers and other miscellaneous chrome bits have been done to show condition. The car is currently being  re-assembled but I have a
Maserati project I need to complete first.  I have yet to decided if I am going to sell this e-type when I am done or keep it. To be honest I
just love the black with red combination and I really like that the interior is still original, plus the paint looks great.

Please contact me at ivan@thecarnut.com interested or if you have any questions.

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January 11, 2011
The Maserati is out to the paint shop for some minor touch ups and an unusual winter storm has hit my area. This gives me time to work on the Jaguar. First thing was
to clean and detail the engine compartment
January 12, 2011
The brake master, brake servo, clutch master and clutch slave were rebuilt and detailed. The front and rear brake calipers were rebuilt just prior to the car going to
the paint shop.
January 17, 2011
Brake components are re-installed on the car. Bonnet fresh air scoop, mesh and springs are installed
January 24, 2011
Installed clutched slave cylinder and starter on engine in preparation of installing engine back on car. The car's body was lifted (helps to have a 2 post lift) and the engine
was rolled under it. The body was then lowered and the engine mount brackets installed. It sounds easy but actually took over 2 hours as things need to be perfectly
aligned. The alternative is to install the engine from the top, but this requires removal of the bonnet plus there is more risk of scratching the engine frames as things fit
rather tight on the e-type engine bay.
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