1967 Jaguar type series 1 4.2 liter roadster
VIN:  1E15664
Engine: 7E13162-9

This 1967 e-type is one of the last series 1 roadsters made. Late in the production of the series 1 Jaguar made sme minor changes. The cylinder heads which had been painted
gold were now silver, the soft top changed from canvas to vinyl and the glass covered headlight was removed. The headlight treatment was unique on the late 1967 and 1968
models being much better integrated than the larger headlights seen on the series 2 which started in 1969.

This car was purchase by the prior owner on September 2005 from a dealer in Portland, Oregon. The dealer claimed the car had only two owners at the time and the mileage at that
time was 54,169. The current mileage is now 59,459 therefore the car has been driven 5,000 miles over the last 12 years.

As can be seen in the photos the car is in very good condition. The prior owner used Dick Maury at Coventry West to maintain his car. Mr. Maury is well know amongst e-type
owners as he has a vast experience in these cars and his shop is known for excellent engine rebuilds. In addition Mr Maury was the President of Jaguar Clubs of North America.

There is an extensive set of paperwork documenting the maintenance work on the car. Below is a summary of the most significant items:

2/2015   rebuild three SU carburetors, repaired brake booster, new brake master cylinder
12/2014     Gearbox rebuilt, clutch replaced, water pump replaced, radiator flushed, new lower ball joints, new clutch slave cylinder, new cooling hoses, aluminum flywheel installed,  
7/ 2010    voltage regulator, distributor vacuum unit, new brake master cylinder, new radiator fan switch, new driveshaft u-joints
7/2010  car was completely painted in its original Primrose yellow color

I recently performed an engine compression test and the results were excellent:
Cylinder #                              PSI
1                                            160
2                                            155
3                                            160
4                                            165
5                                            160
6                                            155

I uploaded many photos to Dropbox, the link is:  

There are seven directories that should make it easier to find a photo of a particular area.

In the “Exterior” directory notice that the door, boot and bonnet fit is very good. The paint and body is rust free and very good.  Chrome on the bumpers, trim and wire wheels is also
very good. There is a small rip on the soft top which can be seen on Jag67Ext56.

In the “Interior” directory notice that the car was refinished using the proper materials. All the gauges work, including the clock! Photo Jag67INT21 shows teh bottom of the door and
notice that there is no rust or bondo in this area. You can tell a lot about the condition of the body by checking the doors and the trunk (boot) floor.

In the “Heritage Certificate” directory you will find a copy of the Jaguar Heritage Certificate. This car was born Primrose yellow (as it is today) and it retains its original engine.

In the "Boot" directory notice how clean the trunk (boot) floor is, which on many cars is an area of rust. Also notice that the spare tire is an original Dunlop Roadspeed, very unusual
to find one in the boot after 50 years. You will also find copies of some of teh most recent receipts and a spreadsheet if all expenses listed since 2005.

In the “Undercarriage” directory you can see that the floors appear to be all original.As far as I can tell this car has never had any of its sheet metal replaced.

The "Engine compression" directory shows the compression results for each of the 6 cylinders.

Overall this is a good honest car that has been well maintained and is ready for the next owner to enjoy it.


Send me an e-mail if interested.  ivan@thecarnut.com
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