1973 Jaguar E-type V12 roadster
I purchased this very nice e-type just an hour from my house. One look at the body and I just had to have it! I've been around many, many e-types and
one thing I truly appreciate is a car that has a rust free body, no signs of accidents and really nice body gaps. To top it off it is both matching numbers and
original colors. The car shows 58K miles and based on condition I would say the mileage is accurate. The car has automatic transmission, which I prefer on
the V12  over the manual gearbox as I find it is a better match to that engine and the character of this car.

Prior owner had the car in Florida and Georgia for 10 years. He purchased it from a gentleman in North Carolina that also had the car for 10 years. The
paint is 20 years old and still looks very nice. I prefer nice older paint jobs as fresh paint job many times develop problems after a short time. Interior was
also done 20 years ago and still looks very fresh. There are a couple f small rips on the soft top from when the owner forgot to unsnap the top before
lowering it (see photos). The top itself fits well. Engine runs wells with excellent oil pressure. All gauges work (except the clock) and the AC blows cold.

In 1973, e-types sold in the USA had bigger front bumpers mandated by regulations at that time. This car has been retrofitted with the more attractive Euro
style bumpers which were the car's original design and how they were shipped to all other countries.

This is the type of car that has been loved all its life and has never required an extensive restoration. There are receipts that go back 20 years.
Click here for a copy of the Jaguar Heritage Certificate. Numbers and colors match the Certificate.

The photos below plus additional photos can be downloaded from Dropbox:  

Contact me at ivan@thecarnut.com  if interested.
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