2000 Jaguar XKR convertible
This is really not a collector car and I guess grouping it into the "permanent collection" is not entirely accurate, but I had no other place to put my regular
driver. Everyone needs a modern car for those times where a classic car is not either convenient or the best car to drive.

The XKR is the supercharged version of Jaguar's XK8. There are a few visual clues that identify the "R's" over the regular XK8. The hood (bonnet) has a
couple of additional vents that give the car a more aggressive look. There is also a small spoiler on the trunk lid and larger wheels. Of course the big difference
is under the hood ... this is where the supercharger lives.

I was looking for a XKR coupe but did not have luck finding exactly was I was looking for. This convertible was advertised locally and I really like  the color
combination. The exterior color is titanium with oatmeal interior. The car overall is in very nice condition, considering it is now more than 12 years old.

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