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MOCNA Technical Articles
In the 1980s and 1990s the Maserati Club of North America (MOCNA) published a quarterly newsletter which
contained many very interesting technical articles. A CD-ROM was publish with many of the technical articles.
Click here to download the CD-ROM contents.

Below is In-line 6 cylinder and Ghibli sections of the CD-ROM. These two sections are the only ones available in
PDF format. For all the other technical articles you need to download the contents of teh CD-ROM and run the
application from your computer's hard drive. Note: application is only supported on Windows.
In-line 6 cylinder cars

Hook up of ignition coils
Cylinder head repair
3500GT scavenger pump repair
Emergency cartridge type oil filter alternative
Testing Lucas fuel injection fuel pump pressure
Troubleshooting the Lucas fuel pump fuel pump
Fuel injected engine will not start
Oil gauge line repair
Replacing Mistral rubber steering coupler
3500GT shocks

Checking the differential gear oil level
Installing a coolant overflow tank on a Ghibli
Ghibli engine assembly (3 parts)
Ghibli oval air filter replacement
Replacing Ghibli cartridge oil filter with spin on filter
Dry lump lubrication explained and how to check oil level (Ghibli + Khamsin)
Ghibli fuel tank vent overflow
Early Ghibli not cooling properly?
Ghibli steering joints
Ghibli transmission leaks
Ghibli - replacing fuel hoses
Ghibli - step be step clutch replacement
Rocker switch repair
Water pump rebuild