2004 Maserati Coupe
Odometer: 33K miles

Although my interest in Maserati is primarily the vintage cars, I just had to try out one of their newer creations.

Different from my other Maserati, which depend on my love and care for survival, this car would prefer if I did not dare mess around with any of its mechanical
components. I am definitely way out of league when it comes to working on these cars as they require a very different level of knowledge and equipment sophistication
that I do not posses.

The good news is that up to now, knock on wood, the car has been extremely reliable and fun to drive!

The color combination of silver with grey interior is rather non-discreet and gets less noticed by those enforcing the road laws. What made me get this particular car
were its other features.

It was located close to my home and only had 21K miles.  It now has 3
3K miles. It is a coupe, which I find better looking than the spyders. It has the rare 6 speed manual
gearbox. I've heard some horror stories about the F1 transmission (and the high cost of replacing the clutch) and the standard gearbox suits me just fine. This car was
being serviced by the local Ferrari/Maserati dealership and records were included.

What was really nice were the upgrades from Formula Dynamics in Las Vegas, which had been done; including:

Formula Dynamics performance chip (this is a must have on a Maserati!)
Skyhook suspension with upgraded springs and lowered suspension
Stiffer anti-roll bars
Larini sports rear muffler (you would not believe the sound!)
Steel braided brake lines

I have now owned this car for
7 years and put around 12K miles. Not once has it needed any repairs, just regular oil changes and a new set of tires. This car is fast and
rides like it is on rails!

Price:  $24,500.

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