1972 DeTomaso Pantera
The Pantera was America's answer to mid-engine Italian exotics from the likes of Ferrari, Maserati and Lamborghini. With an Italian body built by Ghia and a Ford Cleveland 351,
the Pantera is an interesting mix of Italian flair with American muscle.

Most Panteras have been heavily modified as for years the Pantera owner's culture was one of making the cars a unique expression of the owner. Now days originality has
become much more important as people realize the beauty of the original design. Having said this some mechanical modifications are essentially needed to make the car more
drivable. The two areas that get the most attention are the cooling system and the restrictive emission control system. Better radiator, cooling fans and transfer pipes will cure the
cooling issues. Better carburetor and intake and exhaust manifolds make a big difference in improving performance.

This car only has 34K original miles and is in overall superb condition. It remains mainly stocks with desirable mechanical upgrades. The few cosmetic changes were done using
parts that would have been used in the European version of the Pantera, such as the tail lamps and the rocker switches with the pictograms..

This is known as a pre-L Pantera as it has the metal bumpers and early dual pod dash configuration. The interior on this car is mostly original, including the seat covers, and in
really nice condition.
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