1965 Maserati Sebring II
VIN:  AM101/10*103*
Engine:  AM101/10*103*
Exterior color: Azzuro Vincennes
Interior color: Senape

Maserati was founded in 1914 and for the first 5 decades the company focused on producing race cars … and racing them. In 1957 things were to change
as they introduced their first car designed for road use, the 3500 GT coupe. It employed an inline 6 cylinder engine which was based of the A6G racing
engine. Originally the 3500GT was offered with Weber carburetors but in 1961 they switched to Lucas fuel injections as it provided more power and better
gasoline mileage.

In 1959 a spyder version was offered which used a shortened version of the 3500GT chassis. Giovanni Michelotti who headed the Vignale design studio
penned this lovely convertible.  Michelotti was again asked by Maserati to design a new model, this time a coupe based on the shortened 3500GT chassis.
In 1962 this coupe was introduced as the Sebring; to honor Maserati’s victories at this legendary racetrack. The Sebring got refreshed in 1965 and the
Sebring II was introduced. While there were some subtle changes to the exterior, the interior got a major update. The Sebring II interior and instrument
layout is perhaps the most attractive of any of the Maserati GT cars.  A total of 351 Sebring I and 247 Sebring II were built.

This particular Sebring II was built on July, 1965 and delivered 10th August 1965 to Mrs. Rosa D’Agostino in Rome. According to Maserati Chassiche
documents the original color combination was Azzurro Vincennes with Senape interior, which are the colors the car still retains.

The chassis number matches the data plate, which matches the engine block, and which matches the engine head. In other words, all the numbers match.
Furthermore the engine retains its original Lucas fuel injection. Back in the 1970’s and 1980’s many Maserati injected cars got converted to Webers since
mechanics blamed the injection unit as they did not understand it. These days collectors value cars that retain all of its original components. The injection
unit works great when it has been sorted out, like on this car. This car comes with air conditioner, which was an available option.

The paint, interior and chrome are in excellent condition and this Sebring could proudly be shown at most Concourses. Wheels are bi-metal Borranis with
proper Pirelli Cinturato tires. Mechanically the car recently had the brakes, clutch and steering box serviced and it runs very strong. This car is ready to be

I am selling the car for a friend. He purchased the car from a dealer in The Netherlands. This video was put together by the dealer before he purchased the

The combination of stunning original colors, matching numbers, originality, and overall excellent condition makes this Sebring II stand above the crowd.

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