1971 Triumph TR6
A Triumph TR6 is typically not the type of car I normally put in my collection but a friend mentioned he wanted to sell his car since he was doing some renovations on his house.
Somewhat reluctantly I went to look at his TR6 and it was love at first sight! Most TR6 look tired and show signs of prior owners not wanting to spend too much money on the car. It
takes an act of love to spend what is required to make these cars look and drive as they should.

This car had a comprehensive restoration to much higher standards than what you normally see on a TR6. The British Racing Green (original color) paint is in excellent condition
with nice flat panels. The paint makes the car pop. Equally nice are all the chrome trims.  This, being a 1971 model, has the chrome bumpers without the ugly rubber overriders.
The interior has several tastefully done upgrades, starting with leather seats, a very nice wooden steering wheel and upgraded wood paneling. The convertible top was upgraded
to canvas which gives it a much more luxurious look. My favorite upgrade is the air conditioner which works well and is nicely integrated in the dash and the engine compartment.

The mechanical components also received much attention,. When driving the car I noticed that it had a lot more pep than I had expected from a TR6. This was confirmed when I
checked the engine compression and found the cylinders at 225 psi! I also found an oil cooler and a few other mechanical upgrades. This car can move and handles well.

There are many less expensive TR6's on the market but if you appreciate quality you already know the time and money it takes to bring a car to this condition

There are additional photos below on Dropbox:  https://www.dropbox.com/sh/7178q75g5juolfp/AADSnqcymEFlMrfCCOCPkmoVa?dl=0


Send me an e-mail if interested.  ivan@thecarnut.com
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