1961 Maserati 3500GT Vignale spyder
VIN: AM101.1051

Designed by Giovanni Michelotti while at Carrozzeria Vignale, the Maserati 3500GT Vignale spyder is considered one of the most attractive open cars of the
1960's. It is important to note that different from most models from which the spyder is simply a convertible version of the coupe (Mistral, Ghibli, Ferrari Daytona,
Jaguar e-type, etc) the 3500GT Vignale spyder is a unique coachwork in itself.  In other words, you cannot take a 3500GT coupe and
convert it into a spyder. Only 242 Vignale spyders were built, with very few still in existence.

This particular car was shipped new to Beverly Hills, California in October of 1960. It has the very desirable Borrani wire wheel option. This particular car was
shipped from the factory with triple Weber carbs, which is another very desirable feature. Later Vignale spyders were shipped with Lucas fuel injection, which
can be a bit problematic.

The car had a 2 year body and mechanical restoration that was completed in 2005. Receipts and photos are included that document the mechanical and
body/paint work done. Only about 350 miles have been clocked on the engine since the rebuilt. I can provide interested parties with further details of the

The interior is very nice and the seat leather appears to be original and in very good condition for a car that is 48 years old. Soft top and tires are new.  The
body is nice and straight with very good paint, glass and chrome. Engine sounds and runs strong. The ZF 4 speed gearbox shifts smoothly. The car comes with
tool roll, original, jack, spare tire, restoration receipts and photos.

I think the Maserati 3500GT Vignale spyder is more attractive than the equivalent Ferrari of that era, and a real bargain compared to the Ferrari. In addition, the
Maserati engine is bullet proof and these cars are great for driving events. I also own a Mistral spyder, which shares essentially the same engine, and routinely
take that car on long trips.

One of the nice things about Maserati is that the cars are not all painted red. I really like the blue with red interior color combination; it goes well with the elegant
lines and makes the car stand out in a crowd.  


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