1973 - 74 Maserati Bora
In the early 1970's Maserati introduced its first "production" mid-engine supercar ... the Bora.
Incorporating a very innovative design from renoun stylist Giorgetto Giugaro (who also designed the
Ghibli) the Bora was a showcase of technical innovation. The proven 4.9 liter V8 sits in its own
subframe along with the independent rear suspension and the ZF transaxel. Some very unique
features include very confortable  seats, the driver's seat does not move forward/backwards ....
instead the pedals are adjusted with the push of a button.  The dash of the Bora is both very
functional and always a topic of conversation. It has one of the most comprehensive set of gauges,
dials, knobs and switches of any land vehicle. Driving a Bora is a very unique experience. Although
the car is rather heavy, the powerful V8 quicky glues you to the seat. Easy to drive around town and
great on open roads.

This Maserati Bora is  a US delivery 4.9 liter mid-production car and  incorporates the cooling
improvements which were incorporated during 1973 while still retaining the attractive metal bumpers.
Later cars had the not too attractive (ugly is the right word!) big rubber bumpers.

This car has been sold

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