Selling your Jaguar e-type or Maserati
The truth is whether we like to admit it or not, sooner or later we (or our estate) will be faced with the need to sell our collector
cars. Maybe the car is not being used anymore, and we all know that the more a car is left unused the more it deteriorates, and
hence looses value. Maybe you want to replace it with something different.

I get quite a few visitors each day to my website, many looking for Maserati GT cars and Jaguar XKE. Also, I have a number of
people that have specifically requested that I find them a car.

I will either buy your car outright or help you sell it on consignment. To consign your car we would agree on the following:

1. It needs to be a Maserati GT or a Jaguar XKE. I will also consider similar cars such as vintage Lamborghini, Iso, Ferrari,
etc but please no modern cars (1980 and newer) or American cars.  

2. Price. Advertising a car with an unreasonable price does no good for you or me. Of course condition, year, color
combination, history/documentation, options, all play an important part in determining a fair market price. I will help you
determine was is fair for you, and the buyer. In the end a fair deal for both seller and buyer is what this is all about. I get a fixed
rate commission on the selling price and therefore I am motivated to get the maximum for you.

3. Accurate representation.  I cannot accurately represent your vehicle based solely on your description and photos, it is
simply humanly impossible. Buyers tend to ask very specific questions that can only be answered by examining the car. The way
this is handled is you ship me the car, I examine it and provide you with a written report. Photos are then taken and the car is
posted on my website. The car is stored in my warehouse while it is being sold. I handle all aspects of the sale and help the
buyer with shipping arrangements. This is especially critical when selling a car overseas.

If you are interested, please e-mail me a at,  or call 678-521-7893