1967 Maserati Ghibli restoration photos

Below are some photos of the restoration. The car was originally white and last repainted in red in the mid-80's. Personally, I do not think white does
justice the the Ghibli's beautiful lines, therefore I decided to go with Grigio Flemington metallic. This is a period correct color used by Maserati. The red
paint was showing its age and it was too thick to simply repaint over the old paint. It was decided the best approach would be to soda blast the car
down to bare metal. Soda blasting has the advantage of effectively removing paint and filler, yet it does not heat up the metal which causes it to warp.
The other big advantage is glass, chrome and even rubber trims are not affected by soda blasting. Don't ask me how it works, but I saw it with my own
eyes! I also had a set of Jaguar chrome wire wheels soda blasted and they turned out beautiful.

Click here to see the finished car.

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This is how the car looked before I got
started, not a bad car.
Car was soda blasted down to bare metal. Soda does not harm chrome, glass or even rubber ... it is amazing!
Whatever blasting did not remove was sanded. An etching primer was then applied and glass, doors, trunk, etc removed
After the doors were individually prepared, they were re-installed so that all the lines could be checked and the car hand sanded
Doors are again off so that the jams can be prepared and painted. A color sample of Grigio Flemington metallic was shot to envision the color on the
car .. it will look fantastic!
Door jams have been painted. The rest of the car will be painted soon.
Finally ... car painted!! It will be wet sanded but final polishing will be done after the glass and interior are
installed. This will give additional time for the paint to cure.