Jaguar e-type reference and photos
"Selecting the Right Jaguar e-type for you" This article explains some of the changes to the e-type throughout the years, their strengths and
weaknesses. Useful for selecting which year e-type might best fit your needs.
Below are photos of several e-types I've owned. You can use these as reference if you are shopping or restoring an e-type. A couple of
years ago I decided to restore an e-type from the ground up. The idea was that this would be the e-type I would keep and drive. Not
exactly sure why I decided to do it; probably to prove to myself that I could do it.

Once the car was done I immediately sold it since it was simply too nice to drive. Lesson learned: show cars are not fun to own! Still, it was
fun to go through the restoration and a great learning experience.

Photos of that restoration are here
1961 3.8 liter e-type roadster.  Very early car with outside bonnet latches, flat floors and welded louvers

1961 3.8 liter e-type roadster  Another early car, this one has the inside latches.

1962 3.8 liter e-type roadster  White with red interior ... very original car

1963 3.8 liter e-type roadster  Nice red with black interior

1964 3.8 liter e-type roadster   Nuts and bolts show quality restoration.

1964 3.8 liter e-type roadster. Car was restored to near concourse condition.

1964 3.8 liter e-type roadster.  Not as nice as the one above, this one is more of a driver. Notice the
difference in seats between the two cars. This one was earlier in the production run.

1964 3.8 liter e-type roadster  This was my personal long term restoration project. The photos say it all .

1965 4.2 liter series 1 FHC, British Racing Green ... very nice restoration

1966 4.2 liter series 1 FHC  Very nice black wit original red interior..

1967 4.2 liter series 1 FHC   This car needed to be restored, but will make a nice car once redone.

1968 4.2 liter e-type fixed head coupe  This is a series 1.5 coupe

1968 4.2 liter series 1.5 roadster   Very unusual and attractive "Ascot Fawn" color. The color was original to
this car.

1969 4.2 series 2 roadster  British Racing Green, a local Atlanta car for many years

1971 4.2 liter series 2 e-type roadster. This was the last year of the 6 cylinder e-types. There were several
features which were unique to the 1971 models ..,. the most obvious are the two leaping Jaguars on the
sides of the bonnet.

1972 series 2 V12 roadster  Nice car, notice the smaller front bumpers

1973 series 3 V12 roadster. This is a very attractive dark blue with wire wheels and 4-speed gearbox. The
front bumpers are larger than the 72 but smaller than the 74

1974 series 3 V12 roadster. This is a nice clean driver, very original car with optional hard top, last year the
e-type was produced.

1974 series 3 V12 roadster An extremely nice British Racing Green example with the optional hardtop


There are several great web sites which serve the Jaguar e-type community ... below is my  favorite site.

Jaguar lovers site:  This is the place to go for online forums on anything Jaguar related