Maserati Manuals, Brochures, Decals, plus others
Below you can download the Use and Maintenance manuals and some of the original sales brochures for the Maserati GT cars. There is also a link where you can
view some of the
decals used in Maserati cars.

The files are in Adobe PDF format. Please note that some of these files are 10MB or more and will take a long time to download if you are using a slow internet
connection. Some of the files are only in Italian, others are multi-language. Therefore if you have a 4.2 liter Mexico and need information in English, you may want to
download both the Mexico manual (which is only in Italian) and the Indy manual (which is multi-language) as it also includes the specifications for the 4.2 liter engine.

To download a file:  Click on the link and the document will open in a separate window, from that window you can view, print and save the document. If you are
running Windows, you can also right click and select "Save target as ..." or "Save Link as ..." (depends on which browser you are using. . Remember, some files are
very large and will take time to open!

If you have a brochure or manual to donate to this page, please send me an electronic copy or mail me a copy and I will scan it.
Use and Maintenance Manuals

3500GT (Italian)
3500GTi and Vignale spyder (Italian)
3500GT (with great engine diagrams - English)
3500GTi, Vignale spyder and Sebring series 1 (English)
5000GT (Italian)
Sebring series 2 (English)
Mistral - early car (Italian)
Mistral (English)
Mistral (Most complete booklet - Italian)
Mistral/QPI Dealer Technical Bulletin
Quattroporte 1 and Mexico (Italian)
Quattroporte 1 (English)
Mexico (English)
Ghibli - early version (Italian - English - German)
Ghibli SS (Italian - English)
Electrical diagrams (1964-1968 ... Mistral, Mexico, QP1 and early Ghibli)
Indy 4.2 and 4.7 - early manual in English
Indy 4.2, 4.7, 4.9 (Italian - French - English - German)
Bora (Italian - English)
Merak (Italian - French - English)
Merak SS  (Italian - French - English)
Khamsin (Italian - French - English - German)
Quattroporte 3 Owners manual (Italian - French - English)
Quattroporte 3 Service Manual - Complete (very large file!)
Quattroporte 3 Service Manual - Engine section only, applicable to all V8 models
Kyalami Use and Maintenance
Biturbo 2000 service manual
Sales brochures

Sport 2000
A6 - 1500
A6 - 1500 and A6G2000
A6G 2000 Berlineta
3500GT 1961 - in color
3500GT and 3500GTi
3500GT Vignale spyder
Quattroporte 1 - first series
Quattroporte 1
Quattroporte 1 road test
Mexico - Indy - Ghibli
Ghibli SS
Ghibli spyder
Indy - Bora - Merak
Bora 1975
Bora  Simoniz ad
Merak - Euro version
Merak SS  - Euro version
Merak 1975 US
Merak SS  US
Khamsin - Euro version (great brochure!)
Khamsin - USA version
Khamsin Road tests
QP3 US version
Kyalami - another sales brochure
1989 Spyder - USA version
430-228-Spyder Sumary sales page
Parts Manuals

3500GT, GTi, Vignale spyder, Sebring
Quattroporte 1
Mexico (to be used with the QP1 manual)
QP1 supplement
Ghibli USA parts supplement
Ghibli spyder supplement
Indy 4.7 and 4.9 supplement
Bora USA Supplement - 1972
Khamsin USA Supplement 1975
QP3 with 1982 supplement
Biturbo 2500 USA
Other Manuals and Documents

Maserati dealer price list circa 1969
Warranty booklet (1964)
Dealer network booklet (1964)
Ghibli announcement letter from Ghia
ZF S5-20 service manual (late Sebring, Mistral, etc) (German/English)
ZF S5-20 service manual addendum (German)
ZF S5-325 service manual (Ghibli, Indy, etc)
ZF S5-325 parts manual (Ghibli, Indy, etc)
ZF Power Steering on Mexico, Ghibli, Indy
Salisbury Axle Service Manual (3500GT, Mistral, Ghibli, etc)
Salisbury axles measurements
Bora ZF Transaxle service manual
Khamsin ZF S5-24/3 gearbox service manual
Girling and Ansa part numbers
3500GT Monoflux fuel pumps
Ghibli (late) Vitaloni stalk wiring
Ghibli spyder conversion sales brochure
Weber 38 DNCL 5 - as used on QPorte 1, Mexico and early Ghibli
York AC compressor service manual

Lucas fuel injection workshop manual
Lucas fuel pump
Lucas fuel injection bulletin
Lucas fuel injection bulletin #2

Giulio Alfieri - AISA Conference on the 3500GT - April 2000

Citroen SM manuals (may be useful to Merak owners)
SM Engine rebuild
SM Parts manual #1
SM Parts manual #2
SM electrical wiring layout
Tech articles I have written

How to restore leather interior
Tuning Weber Carbs
Ghibli Features and Options ( a lot of details!)
Bora - Guide to Authenticity
Khamsin Vacuum Connections
Hydraulic cylinder port seal replacement
Click here to view decals and metal plates
used on Maserati GT cars.
Parts interchange

Paint and Colors

Maserati GT paint colors and codes
Original factory paint chips
PPG paint codes
PPG paint codes 1980 - 2001
Dupont Paint codes
Khamsin paint chips
Bora and Merak paint chips
Lancia paint chips (some colors are the same)
Iso paint chips (some colors are the same)
Biturbo era cars paint chips

Leather samples
Samples of currently available from Connolly
List of leather colors