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Service manuals and technical bulletins
Quattroporte 3 Owners manual (Italian - French - English)
Quattroporte 3 Service Manual - Complete (very large file!)
Quattroporte 3 Service Manual - Engine section only, applicable to all V8 models

ZF S5-20 service manual (late Sebring, Mistral, etc) (German/English)
ZF S5-20 service manual addendum (German)
ZF S5-325 service manual (Ghibli, Indy, etc)
ZF S5-325 parts manual (Ghibli, Indy, etc)

ZF Power Steering on Mexico, Ghibli, Indy
Salisbury Axle Service Manual (3500GT, Mistral, Ghibli, etc)
Salisbury axles measurements
Bora ZF Transaxle service manual
Khamsin ZF S5-24/3 gearbox service manual

Mistral/QPI Dealer Technical Bulletin
Electrical diagrams (1964-1968 ... Mistral, Mexico, QP1 and early Ghibli)
QP3 Electrical diagram (large file suitable for poster printing)
QP3 Electrical diagram description (for file above)
3500GT Monoflux fuel pumps
Ghibli (late) Vitaloni stalk wiring
Weber 38 DNCL 5 - as used on QPorte 1, Mexico and early Ghibli
York AC compressor service manual

Lucas fuel injection workshop manual
Lucas fuel pump
Lucas fuel injection bulletin
Lucas fuel injection bulletin #2
Lucas fuel injection - article on preventing oil dilution

Citroen SM manuals (may be useful to Merak owners)
SM Engine rebuild
SM Parts manual #1
SM Parts manual #2
SM electrical wiring layout

How to restore leather interior
Tuning Weber Carbs
Bosch hydraulic cylinder port seal replacement (Bora, early Merak and Khamsin)
Starting an engine that has been sitting for many years
Bora: Servicing the cooling system
Bora - Replacing the rear suspension bushings

Biturbo 2000 service manual

Autovox radio use and parts manual
Crankshaft journal sizes and block bore sizes for undersize journals and over bores. Torque specs. (all engines being built in