1962 Lancia Flaminia GT 3C Touring coupe

Lancia is known for having introduced the first V6 production engine in the Aurelia. The Flaminia was the follow up model with further advances such as disc brakes all around. Similar to the Aurelia, the Flaminia has a rear mounted transaxle for better weight distribution.

Most Flaminias were a sedan designed by Pininfarina. Carrozzeria Touring in Milan made the Grand Turismo (GT) version while Zagato made the Sport version.

GT bodies were manufactured side by side with the Maserati 3500GT. Both cars employed the Superleggera (super light) method of construction in which an aluminum skin was wrapped around a steel frame. Superleggera was a time consuming and expensive method to hand build a car and the list of cars to employ this method of construction are now all highly sought after ... such as the Maserati 3500GT, Lamborghini 350/400GT, Aston Martin DB4/DB5 and Ferrari 212 and 340.

Lancia Flaminias being built side by side to the Maserati 3500GT

I've owned a couple of the Flaminia Touring spyders (convetibles) and although I really like open cars I find in this case that the coupe looks much better. There was also a 2+2 version made, known as the GTL but I much prefer the proportions and roof lines of the 2 seat coupes.

This car is the desirable triple carbureator version and was owned and restored by a well known Lancia enthusiast. As can be seen in the photos, the car is in overall excellent condition and with its original engine and transaxle.

When I purchased the car a new clutch had been recently installed but was slippiing as the prior mechanic left out a spacer. There was also vibration from the driveshaft, which are very tricky to properly balance. In addition the brake booster needed to be rebuilt.  Lastly, the original radiator had cracks that were not safe to repair and a new aluminum radiator was sourced from the Netherlands. These things were all addressed and now the car runs great!  The car was recently driven to Highlands, North Carolina where it participated in the 2023 motoring festival. It also completed the 120 mile "one lap of the mountains" drive.

It would be hard to find another Flaminia 3C GT that is both cosmetically and mechanically in the condition of this one.


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