1978 Maserati Khamsin AM120US1266

The Khamsin was the follow on to the Maserati Ghibli SS and shares the 4.9 liter V8 engine. A total of 100 5-speed Khamsins were imported to the USA and few remain as many have been exported to Europe where the car is in greater demand.

I first saw this 5-speed Khamsin about 11 years ago when it was owned by a Maserati club member that lives close to me. I remembered it being a nice car but never inspected it in detail. He sold the car to a Toronto doctor who kept it for 10 years.

I recently purchased the car from the doctor and the car was imported from Canada. It is a USA version Khamsin that was properly converted to Euro specs. The Euro bumpers are hard rubber, like the originals, and not fiberglass. The USA side markers were eliminated and even the Euro style license plate lights installed.

The car has euro headers and a stainless exhaust that sounds great!

New Michellin XWX tires were installed, radiator professionally cleaned and many of the original fuel hoses replaced. Gas tank was removed and cleaned.

I still need to do detailing, especially in the engine compartment. The paint was professionally detailed and looks quite nice.


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