1973 Mercedes Benz 450SL

This is an early 1973 450SL built on 10/1972. The car belonged to one of my neighbors that purchased the car in Georgia in the 1980s.

The car had been sitting in her garage for 6 years and was not running. I took in on as a project as I hate seeing a car just sit. The fuel tank was removed cleaned and sealed, battery replaced, injectors removed and cleaned, many fuel lines were replaced, the fuel pump repaired, the ECU needed to be replaced, rear sway bar links replaced, front sway bar links replaced, four new tires, new belts, brakes flushed, oil and filter, etc.

The body is in excellent condition without any signs of rust. The soft top is good except the rear plastic is a bit cloudy. interior is very nice for its age. Paint looks good from 10 feet but up close you can see spider webbing and some paint blistering due to improper paint prep many years ago. From 10 feet the car looks great.

All gauges, including the clock, work except the tachometer. Car has 133K miles and engine seem very strong.

This is an inexpensive way of getting a convertible car, which comes with a hardtop, for very little money. These SLs were built like a tank.



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