1994 Alfa Romeo 164LS

This is a 1994 Alfa Romeo 164LS (luxury sport) with only 57,900 original miles. The car was sold new by Spruell Alfa in Atlanta and has spent all of its life in the Atlanta area .... away from snow and salt water.

If you are not familiar with the Alfa 164 family of cars, they are one of the best kept secrets, just ask anybody that owns one. The cars are peppy, full of creature comforts, very luxurious and extremely reliable. Not what you normally expect from an Italian car! The only reason I am selling mine is that as a "car nut" I am in a mission to try out many different cars, and can only do this if I keep a car for one or two years. This one has been in my possession for 1.5 years and I am getting the itch for something different!

This particular Alfa has the more powerful 24 valve V6 which was introduced with the 1994 model cars. The quad cam Alfa 164 are the ones to buy! There were many significant improvements made, for example the ZF 4 speed automatic transmission went to an electronic "sports" switch for more spirited performance and many improvements were made to the A/C and interior cluster of switches to improve reliability.

The paint is good with no body dings, it does have some small stone chips around the front of the car. Absolutely no rust on the body. The interior is very, very nice with very little wear and no rips or tears in the leather. There is one small area on the drivers seat that needs restiching. Carpets are very good and it includes a set of factory logoed mats. It includes a wood trim kit which adds to the luxurious interior. All glass is very good. All accessories, clock, gauges, radio, CD player, A/C, etc are in working order.

The car drives, stops and steers as it should. I had the local Alfa dealer check out the car before I bought it and they said it was one of the best they had seen in a while. I put 7,000 miles in 1.5 years and not once did it leave me stranded. The timing belt was last replaced at 35K miles, although the factory recommended period is every 50K miles it is better if it is replaced very 30K to 35K miles.

This car is loaded with accessories, I have been amazed at how reliably they have all worked!

Premium sound system with cassette and 12 disc CD Changer (factory original); Power steering;

Power sunroof; ABS brakes; Power windows; Power lock with remote keyless entry; Automatic climate control system; Multi-position electric seat adjustment; Cruise control; Electric seat warmers (great on cold winter days!); Electric mirrors with automatic defrosting; Headlight washers; Remote trunk release; Remote gas tank release; Night/Day automatic switching rear view mirror; plus the most impressive switch cluster one can imagine, especially at night! Many little interior lights, storage pockets, vanity mirrors, etc

The burgundy leather is absolutely of the finest quality, it even includes the Alfa logo which has been stamped on the seat backs ... a nice quality touch reminiscent of the prancing horse which Ferrari stamps on their seats.

Documentation: Includes the original Alfa Romeo pouch with the Owner's manual plus many misc manuals. Also included are two big shop manuals for the 1994 model year 164, one is the Repair Manual and the other is the Electrical Manual. There are receipts that document maintenance and repairs on the car since new.

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