1962 Alfa Romeo 2000 Touring spider

For years I have been looking at the similarities between the large Alfa Romeo spiders from the early to mid-1960s and the Maserati Vignale spyders. In fact both cars share some of the same trim components such as the tail and license plate lights, and have about the same size. Although I have wanted to try out one of the big Alfas most I have found needed a ton of work.

The large Alfas came first with a 4 cylinder engine (2000) and later with a 6 cylinder engine (2600). I like the 2000 series body design much better. The 2000 has dual scoops on the hood which are quite interesting and chrome vent trims which the 2600 lack. Also the dash and instrument layout of the 2000 I find much more interesting than the 2600. I was concerned that the 4 cylinder engine was going to be underpowered but to my surprise the car does much better than I expected. Granted it will not burn any rubber but the engine is quite peppy and the exhaust tone is perfect. I recently sold a 1960 Giulietta spider veloce and I prefer to drive the 2000 spider.

Fit and finish of the Touring body is excellent. The car has a solid feeling which lacks on most other Alfas. This particular Alfa belonged to a friend that used the car in rallys. This car got driven regularly and maintained. As such I knew the car was well sorted, which makes all the difference in the world. Normally I am not too attracted to red cars, and this car not only has red exterior but also red interior. I tell people that when they find the right car it is best to be color blind, and I am following what I preach. Do not get me wrong, I do not find red offensive, just making the point that this car is in such good shape that it could have been purple and it would still be in my garage. Paint is very nice, chrome is superb, interior is nice, runs like a champ...

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