1964 Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring spider

The body was designed by Carrozzeria Touring and constructed in steel. These were well built cars with a very solid feeling.

A total of 2114 Alfa 2600 spiders were made between 1962 and 1965 and therefore are not impossible to find. The problem is most have been neglected and they are very expensive to restore. This particular car has a very interesting history. It was built early in 1964 (18th car in 1964) and remained unsold until 1966. The first owner had the car until he passed away and the car was sold in September 2009 to its second owner with only 25,302 original miles. It currently has 25,500 miles. Everything was original on the car at that time ... hose clamps, seats, door panels, top, spark plug wires, etc. The body was in immaculate rust and accident free condition. The second owner was very familiar with 2600s and decided this was the perfect candidate to do a complete nuts and bolts restoration. Not only is the quality of the restoration superb but a lot of attention was put into the original details such as clamps, decals and materials. The original owner had wanted a black 2600 but when he bought this car production had stopped and only a white car was available. This car was restored in black in honor of the original owner's desires..Personally I do not think there is a better color combination than black with red interior, especially on a car with perfect body and gaps like this one.

The 2600 is quite a peppy car and easy to drive. The 5 speed gearbox and disc brakes all around were advanced at the time. Having owned several Maserati 3500GT Vignale spyders, I would say this is Alfa's version of that car. It even has the same tail light and license plate lights.

Car comes with the rare to find tool kit in its wooden box plus the original manuals. The soft top is black canvas.

The restorer wrote a nice description of the work he did on the car. Click here to see his description.

Needless to say this is not your run of the mill driver quality Alfa 2600 spider. If you are the type that collects the best of the best, then this Alfa is the car for you.

Gooding recently sold a similar Alfa 2600 spider in January for $176,000. Based on Sport's Car Market analysis I would say my car is a little better. Click here to read the analysis. Personally I think these cars are very undervalued as they come from the end of an era where Alfa was still making the big six cylinder engines and a carrozzeria, in this case Touring, was hand making the bodies. As I said before, the biggest problem is the cost to properly restore these cars is extremely high and therefore few are ever restored to this level.


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