1963 Alfa Romeo 2600 Touring spider

The 2600 was the last of the large 6 cylinder Alfa Romeo cars. They came in various body styles, of which the convertible (spider) is one of the most desirable. The body was designed by Carrozzeria Touring and constructed in steel. These were well built cars with a very solid feeling. This car is owned by a good friend who has asked me to sell it for him. As can be seen by the photos the car was nicely restored. I really like the graphite grey with red interior color combination. The paint quality is very good as are the body gaps. I have not found any rust on this car and all the weld marks look original. According to the Automobilismo Storico Alfa Romeo the car was built 23rd July 1963 and sold 15th of May, 1964 in Newark, USA. The original color was graphite grey, as it is today.

Car comes with the very hard to find tool kit in its wooden chest, plus original owners manual and several parts and shop manuals. There are many restoration receipts and it includes several additional manuals, books and magazines. The odometer shows 39,800 miles which a previous owner certifies as accurate.

My feeling is Alfa 2600 Touring spiders are still very undervalued compared to other hand built Italian cars. One of the problems is these cars can be very expensive to restore and in the past their values would not justify a proper restoration, therefore most are in need of work. My advice is to get the very best one you can afford because in the end it will be much less expensive.

Gooding recently sold a similar Alfa 2600 spider in January for $176,000. Based on Sport's Car Market analysis I would say this car is a little better. Click here to read the analysis. Personally I think these cars are very undervalued as they come from the end of an era where Alfa was still making the big six cylinder engines and a carrozzeria, in this case Touring, was hand making the bodies. As I said before, the biggest problem is the cost to properly restore these cars is extremely high and therefore few are ever restored to this level.

Please feel free to come and personally inspect the Alfa, or have someone inspect it you.


Contact me at ivan@thecarnut.com if interested.

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