1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale

I purchased this 1960 Alfa Giulietta SS from a friend that bought the car in 1983. He drove it a few years and then in 1987 decided to restore it. As many times happens, a restoration project grows in scope and time passes. Twenty years later the car has not been completed and my friend decided he wanted to do something else with his life.

A lot of the work has already been done and much money spent, but the car still requires some assembly. As can been seen from the photos the car was completely disassembled. Some rust was repaired and the body painted silver lacquer. The engine, transmission, differential, suspension, and brakes were professionally rebuilt and are back in the car. Most of the other components, including front bumpers, have been done and are waiting re-assembly. Of course the car came with boxes of parts!

I was not looking for another project as I already have too many cars and some are requiring my attention. Still, the quality of the work that has already been done on this Alfa looks very good and I've always found the shape of the Sprint Speciale intriguing. Another big plus is that the interior is original and in good condition. I like cars with patina.

My intent is to sell this Alfa either as is or completely restored. Contact me for the price, which will be based on how much work is still left to be done. As you can see on this website work is progressing quickly and I expect to be completed by the end of May, or June.

I have a lot of receipts, original manuals, old photos and the parts to complete the car. Some trim pieces should be chromed and a few new parts purchased but I have the glass, rubber gaskets, original wheels and trim pieces to complete the car.

If you are interested in the car, either as is or finished, send an e-mail to ivan@thecarnut.com and let's talk. This is a very unique car with potentially a racing history, and it deserves a good home

I'll post additional photos as the car starts coming together. Click on this link to check on my progress.


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These are photos of the car as purchased in February 2009.

These are photos show the body being restored and painted nearly 20 years ago

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