1960 Alfa Romeo Giulietta Sprint Speciale - Re-assembly

March 23, 2009. The car has been home for a few weeks. The first task was to go through all the boxes and figure out what everything is. Since the prior owner (PO) disassembled a Guilia SS there are duplicated of some of the trim pieces. The pieces from the Giulia may look like they would fit, but in the best Italian coachwork fashion ... they will not. Therefore not only do I need to figure out where they go but which one actually came from this car. To
add to the excitement there are a few Alfa 2600 parts included to really confuse me! I am happy to report that I've got mostly figured out. The rear bumper and lights have been re-installled. I took the doors off, made adjustments and they close properly with good gaps.. Radiator is intalled. I installed some temporary radiator hoses to that the engine can be tested. Speedo and tach cables are in. Air, throttle and mixture dash cables are in.

I loosely fitted the exterior chrome trims to make sure everything was accounted for. The interior is original. Unfortunately a few of the carpet pieces show heavy wear and I need to find some matching carpeting and vinyl. I would like to keep the car as original as possible as it is too good to replace. My goal is to restore it the way they do historical buildings ... only replace what is absolutely necessary.

April 4, 2009. The engine runs! Prior to starting the engine I checked the head bolt torque, set the ignition timing and checked the fuel system. Engine took very little effort to start and I was amazed at the lack of exhaust smoke when started. Brought the engine to normal operating temperature and then torqued the head warm as per the shop manual. With that out of the way it is now time to focus on the electrical system and brakes. The brakes were done years ago and not used but the car has been sitting therefore the prudent thing to do is rebuild the brake cylinders. I took the cylinders apart and as I suspected the drums and brake lining look like new but the rubber does show some deterioration. They probably would have worked as is but brakes are too important to take that risk.

The car has new wiring harnesses and I am finding it follows the electric schematic quite well. This is a simple car when it comes to the electrical system, I should have the electricals all sorted our next week

April 7, 2009. The electrical harness is now completely installed. Gauges, lights, turn signals, wipes, horns and brakes lights were tested and are working. I am waiting for the new parts to rebuild the brakes.

April 11, 2009. Front brake cylinders kits arrived and the cylinders are rebuilt and installed. Rear brake cylinders are waiting for new kit to arrive. Proper Cavis spark plug wires installed. I also received new lower radiator hose and thermostat. Those will be installed in the next few days.

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