1989 Maserati 430 Project/Parts

I purchased this 1989 430 to have an extra car that would help me debug a 1989 spyder I had bought. The 1989 spyder was barely running at the time and needed some serious debugging. This 430 mechanically is almost identical to the spyder so many of the parts are interchangeable.

First, a little history lesson, when the Biturbo was introduced in the USA in 1984 the car was not well developed and experienced many reliability problems. Initially the engine was carbureted, and the setup was difficult to keep tuned. Maserati scrambled to fix the problems and in 1987 fuel injection was introduced with water cooled turbos. In the 1989 major changes were made with improved brakes, differential, AC, a more powerful 2.8 liter engine, and the styling was modernized. All in all, the 1989 and later cars are the best.


This car was being restored and the person lost interest when he realized he did not to have the skills to complete the work. I purchased the car not with the intention of restoring it but to have a running car I could use to test components on my 89 spyder. In that regards this car was great as the spyder is now all sorted out.

The car has rust on the driver’s side floor and around several spots on the outside of the body. My guess is that at some time the car was parked outside and water got inside the car. The body is not too bad, I've seen much worse. There is a dent in the left front but otherwise no other signs of collision damage. The previous owner told me he did the following work to the car. The are photos in the Dropbox link below which shows some of this work:

  • New timing belt
  • New idler bearing
  • New alternator
  • New battery
  • Refurbish fuse box
  • New headlights
  • New head gasket
  • New cam box and cover gaskets
  • New water temp sensor
  • New air temp sensor
  • New fan radiator sensor
  • New relays and fuses
  • New front brakes
  • New battery cables
  • New distributor cap
  • New ignition wiring
  • New spark plugs
  • New ignition coils
  • New fuel pressure regulator
  • New AC, alternator and power steering belts
  • Rebuilt clutch master cylinder

The engine runs but the cams are loud. The car starts right up and is drivable for very short distances (ie: loading it to a trailer) but it is not registered and therefore cannot be driven on public roads, plus the seats are not bolted down. Brakes and clutch/gearbox are working. There is a clean open Georgia title in the name of the previous owner.

This is a great parts car for someone restoring a fuel injected Biturbo era car. Perhaps it could be donor for a race car. The fuel injected cars have many hard to find parts such as fuel injection and ignition. It could also be restored but it will take a lot of work.


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