1973 Maserati Bora

VIN: AM11749536

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And make sure you see the Top Gear review of the Bora: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/893444/maserati_bora/

I purchased this Bora, along with a Khamsin, from the family of a gentleman that was involved with the Maserati Club. He purchased the Bora in 1986 and he passed away a few years ago. He left the Bora to his son and the Khamsin to his wife.

The Bora is what I would call a "good driver". It is in no way perfect but at the same time it is not a car that has been abused and neglected. The body is very good with no signs of ever been in an accident. The frame and floors are all rust free. The paint looks to be at least 25 years old, and my guess is that it is lacquer. Reflections on lacquer paint always seem to be better than on modern base/clear coats. The paint looks very good from 10 feet with a very nice shine. Up close you can see some defects, such as small paint chips that have been hand touched. In a few areas there is some paint checking, which is common of lacquer paint when it gets old. The paint is good enough for a driver and has just the right amount of patina to leave it as is. Stainless steel roof and rocker panels are in very good condition.

The interior is quite nice and most has been redone. Leather is supple and there are no rips nor torn seems. Headliner is also very good.

Engine runs very good! It has excellent oil pressure and has a lot of power. Th exhaust note on this Bora is pure Italian music! The engine currently installed on this Bora came out of Bora #1018. I do not know the history of its original 4.9 liter engine but based on the serial number on the current engine it did come from a Bora and is also a 4.9 liter.

The hydraulic system is working properly. I just replaced the main accumulator. Tires are Michelin Pilot and are in very good condition. I have not tested every single switch but most appear to be working properly. The electric windows go up and down, wipers work, hazard light work, turn signals work, interior fan works, headlight come up and turn on, hydraulic seat works, hydraulic pedals work, and wipers work. Radio and electric antenna do not seem to be working. AC turns on and I can hear the compressor engaging but it has been too cold to tell if the system is cooling. Clock is not working. Car comes with the spare tire with its cover, original owners manual and a couple,of additional manuals.


You can send me an e-mail if you are interested at ivan@thecarnut.com
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The Bora looks very good in black as the color contrasts well with the stainless steel roof. This car has stainless steel rockers. I had another black Bora with stainless rockers. I do not know if they were factory installed or replaced later. Engine cover is in very good condition, includes spare tire with its cover, plus original owners manual. Paint has a nice shine and the body gaps are quite good.

Interior is very nice. Seats have been recovered in black leather. Carpeting also appears to have been replaced. Headliner is very good

Undercarriage and engine compartment look proper, without missing components. The hydraulic main accumulator was just replaced. Brakes have pressure for at least 50 brake pushes after the engine is turned off, which is excellent. I would recommend having both brake accumulators rebuild, just as a preventive maintenance item.

The paint looks very good from 10 feet. Up close you can see age related cracking. I have seen this before on lacquer paint that is 20+ years old. Unless you are seeking perfection, I would leave the paint as is.

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