1977 Maserati Bora - AM117/49 1046

The Bora was introduced in the early 1970's as a way for Citroen, who had recently acquired Maserati, to showcase its technology on a world class exotic. The Bora was Maserati?s answer to the Ferrari Boxer and in many ways it is superior. While the Boxer is a serious performance car, the Bora delivers performance and creature comforts at the same time ? plus it is powered by the 4.9 liter Maserati V8 known for its reliability and flexibility to performance and around town driving.

The Bora has a mid-mounted V8 engine with for overhead cams and fed by four dual throat Weber carburetors. It uses a ZF 5 speed transaxle (same as the Pantera) and the LHM Citroen braking system for superb stopping power. One of the unique features of the Bora are the seats. They are extremely comfortable and well suited for long trips. The driver seat does not move forward or backwards, it moves hydraulically up and down. Instead the pedal assembly is adjusted by the touch of a button to fit the driver ?. just like in an airplane! The dash of the Bora is both very functional and always a topic of conversation for its "airplane cockpit" look.. It has one of the most comprehensive set of gauges, dials, knobs and switches of any land vehicle. Driving this Bora is a very unique and pleasant experience. The car feels solid and the powerful V8 quicky glues you to the seat. Easy to drive around town and great on open roads?. and the exhaust makes wonderful mechanical music.

This particular Bora one of the last two cars built.and represents and end of an era for Maserati mid-engine performance cars. According to factory records it was built in December of 1977 and delivered in September of 1978. In reality the car was built in 1978, the factory most likely claimed a 1977 built date to avoid the 1978 DOT/EPA certification. The wheels, for example, are stamped with an April 1978 manufacture date.

The "rosso rubino" (ruby red) paint is very attractive and in excellent condition , so is the black leather interior. Cosmetically the car looks very, very good. Mechanically it is also in excellent condition showing only 44K miles. The engine has plenty of power, does not smoke and is in well tune. The hydraulic system just underwent servicing and is in excellent condition. All gauges work (including the clock), the AC compressor is new, glass is in very good condition, new Michellin tires, synchros and clutch are very good. Includes factory jack, spare tire with cover, rare tool kit and original owner?s manual and dealer sales brochure. This Bora is ready to be drivenand enjoyed. Approximately 524 Boras were built over an 8 year period.

This car has been sold

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