1978 Maserati Bora

Serial number: AM117/49US1010
17,000 original miles

This is a very unique opportunity of acquiring a well preserved 1978 Maserati Bora, considered by many as the best year for the Bora; it was the last year of production and incorporates the improvements the factory made during the production run. This is one of the last 15 Bora produced.

This car is a true time capsule and is one of the best preserved Bora in existence. I have seen Bora with lower mileage but none had been preserved this original. The original "rosso fouco" (red fire) paint is in very good condition, body fit and finish is perfect, never any rust , accidents or even door dings. When I purchased the car it still had its original Michelin XWX tires, which I have recently replaced with a set of new Michellin XWX as per the originals. I just did not feel safe driving a car with tires that were more than 25 years old! This Bora has its original Blaunpunkt radio, the spare tire has never been used, the tools are like new. This is a US version car with all its emission control equipment connected ... this car is exactly how it left the factory. This Bora recently passed the very stringent Arizona emission test.

Let me repeat ... this car has never been repainted since it left the factory 27 years ago! Over the last two years the air conditioner, cooling system and brake calipers were serviced with receipts totaling over $8K. The AC blows cold, the radio works, clock works, all gauges and accessories work ... this car is well sorted out.

Maserati did not export any Bora in 1976 to the US, and only about 50 were delivered worldwide during 1977 and 1978. This car was completed in May of 1978, making it one of the last cars built. It is titled as a 1977 as no US Bora was titled as a 1978. It was how the factory avoided having to meet 1978 EPA and DOT regulations. I have a copy of the official factory records which identifies this car as a 1978.

The Bora is well known for its use of high pressure Citroen hydraulics. The hydraulics not only controls the brakes but also power several of the accessories such as the headlamp raising. One of the cool features on the Bora is the seats. They are more like lounge chairs than a car seat; extremely comfortable. I am surprised other car manufactures have not copied this design. The driver's seat can be adjusted up and down hydraulically and instead of moving the seat forward and backwards the pedal assembly adjusts to the driver .... also hydraulically. My personal experience with the hydraulic system is it is very reliable. The key is to use the proper Citroen LHM fluid and never use regular brake fluid. I just replaced the brake accumulators and new main accumulator, which should be done every 10 years. The four Weber carburetors were also just serviced with new accelerator pumps.

The 4.9 liter Maserati engine is matching number and runs very good. A recent compression test confirmed the engine is in great health. The Bora comes with service receipts, owner’s manual, maintenance manual, original tools and roll, jack, spare tire with cover.

Many times low mileage cars can be a nightmare to own since parts such as the cooling hoses and belts will deteriorate with age. This Bora has the advantages of a well preserved original example in excellent condition, with the added benefit of recent major servicing. Perfect car for the serious collector looking for originality and a car that is ready to be driven and enjoyed.

This Bora has recently won three awards:

1st Place in the Maserati class at the Italian Car Day in Atlanta (Oct 8, 2005)
2nd Place in the Italian Exotics class at Euro Auto Festival. This class had over 30 cars and included all Italian cars not a Ferrari or Alfa .... Maserati, Iso, Lambos, Fiat, Italia, Lancia and Pantera. (Oct 15, 2005)
During Euro Auto Festival, Zymol (makes of auto care products) made a special award to the Bora as the car they thought had the best original paint finish
among a field of over 450 cars. In addition to a nice trophy the award included Zymol products for life. Although I do not consider my Bora to be a show car, it is
good to see that the car is being recognized for its originality.

This car has been sold

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