1977 Maserati Bora

Bora: AM11749US998

I purchased this Maserati Bora from a gentleman that owned it for 20 years. This Bora is one of the last 25 examples that were titled as a 1977 model but actually built during 1978. This Bora has the 4.9 liter engine, ZF 5-speed transaxle, air conditioner, adjustable pedals and seat height. The odometer shows only 6,300 and I have been told it is genuine.

The prior owner was a bit eccentric (to put it mildly) and did not keep records on his cars. I therefore cannot produce paper proof that the mileage is accurate. Looking at the car you quickly determine that if the mileage is not indeed accurate, it is not way off as the engine compartment has many original items and is unmolested.

The body is incredibly straight and rust free. I have looked in the normal spots where a Bora tends to rust and this car is very clean and solid. The car was repainted to very high standards some years ago and the paint is still quite nice. The color is Rosso Fuoco (red fire) and Sikkens paint was applied. The stainless steel top, trademark item on all Boras, is very nice and without dents. A dented stainless steel top is very difficult to repair, this is an item to pay particular
attention when purchasing a Bora.

Mechanically this Bora is very strong with excellent oil pressure, no smoke and plenty of power. I have owned over a dozen Boras and this is one of the nicest both cosmetically and mechanically that I've driven. I recently did a an engine compression test and the results were very good ... 1=145; 2=145; 3=135; 4=145; 5=145; 6=147; 7=143; 8=143. All cylinders were well within a 10% variation. All the gauges work, as does the clock. The air conditioner is blowing cold and the
heater hot. Headlights and interior lights work, Wipers, electric antenna, radio and various accessories are also working. Bottom line is this is a sorted out car. If you have been around older cars you know how time consuming it can be to "sort out a car", even if the engine itself is running fine.

A Bora has a sophisticated high pressure hydraulic system which controls the braking system and some on the accessories, such as the headlight raising, seat height adjustment and pedal adjustment. This system is quite reliable but is many times misunderstood and feared. The secret is to only use the recommended Citroen LHM fluid and to recharge the brake accumulators with nitrogen approximately every 10 years. Although the system was working properly I had the components serviced and system flushed with new hydraulic fluid The new owner should not have to worry about servicing the hydraulic system for quite a few years.

The leather in the seats and door panels were redone and are in excellent condition, the rest of the interior appears to be original and in very good original. The headliner is excellent. Included is the spare tire with cover and copies of the owner's "Use and Service manual", and the parts manual.

Overall this Bora is well above average example. If you are looking for a good honest example I doubt you will be disappointed.

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