Contact Information

If you are looking for technical advice or additional information on vintage Maserati, your best source is the Maserati user group at:

For modern Maseratis (anything after 2000), is your best source. Please do not contact me with questions or requesting manuals for modern Maserati.

The easiest way to reach me is by e-mail at I tend to be rather good at responding; therefore, if you do not receive a response, perhaps your e-mail has gone into my junk mail. You can then try my alternate e-mail address .

You can also reach me on the telephone, 678-521-7893, during the day, Eastern time zone. I keep a list of people looking for cars, and they are usually the first I contact when I find something interesting. Let me know If you are looking for a particular car, and please be as specific as possible as prices vary greatly depending on the model, year, and condition.

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