1976 Lamborghini Espada

This is a restored 1976 series 3 Lamborghini Espada, which is considered by many as the best series for the Espadas. From the moment I saw this Espada I knew it was car I just had to have. The previous owner spent over $70,000 in this car over the last four years and I have extensive documentation dating back to highway. The Espada just loves long trips and the seats are very comfortable.

Several things that I really like about this particular Espada:

  • Its condition. You immediately can tell this car has been loved all its life
  • The fact that it has power steering. The Espada is a large heavy car. Power steering was only standard on the series 3 and optional on the series 2 cars. Make sure to get an Espada with power steering.
  • The color. This car was originally red and I am glad the color was changed to the metallic cinnamon it has now; it looks very 1970's color. This car is too large for it to be red.
  • It is the Euro version. Series 3 Espadas meant for the USA market were fitted with ugly front rubber bumpers, plus I am sure the engine was burdened with smog equipment. This car has the attractive metal bumpers and Euro spec engine.
  • Documentation. Few owners from new and well documented.


  • 1976: Car was sold in May 1976 in Italy. Original color was Rosso Granada.
  • 1982: Car was purchased by a doctor in New Jersey, USA on November 1982. There are expensive records showing how the car was maintained during his 24 years of ownership.
  • 2006: car was sold by the doctor in New Jersey to a gentleman in south Florida on March, 2006.The car was driven from New Jersey to south Florida. That is a very, very long trip!! Car was stripped to bare metal and painted its current metallic cinnamon color. The chrome was redone. Driver's seat re-upholstered, the rest of the interior is still original and in good condition. AC compressor changed to more efficient rotary. Belts and hoses replaced. Gearbox and clutch rebuilt. And, much, much more. I added $70,562 in receipts since 2006; I am sure more was spent.
  • 2010: I purchased the car and drove it from south Florida to north Georgia.

Overall a very nice example that can be enjoyed.


These photos were taken January, 2010.

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