1967 Fiat Dino Coupe

VIN: 135AC0001681

I found this 1967 2.0 liter Fiat Dino coupe about 2 years ago locally and bought it as I was looking for a Fiat Dino spider at the time and wanted to make sure I had a good source of parts. I found the spider 9 months later and that car has needed nothing (knock on wood!). The coupe is simply taking garage space so it is time for it to go to another home.

The Fiat Dinos were a collaboration between Fiat and Ferrari as a way for Ferrari to homologate this V6 engine for racing. Rules at that time dictated that any engine used on a race car needed to also be used (in a detuned fashion) on at least 500 production cars. Ferrari at that time was only building street cars with V12 engines and needed a car into which to put these engines. Fiat, on the other hand, wanted the recognition it would get by associating itself with Ferrari ... so a deal was struck in 1965 to create the Dinos. Two years later the first Dinos left the assembly line.

The prior owner bought the car in Ohio and brought it to Georgia. He owned the car for many years and parked it 15 to 20 years ago with the intention of fixing the body issues. About 5 years ago he rebuilt the carbs with the intention of restarting the engine but never got around to it. After I bought the car, Mystery Oil was poured down the engine cylinders and were let to soak for a week before doing a compression test. All the cylinders were around 150 psi, which is great for a car that had sat for so long. The fuel in the fuel tank is very old so I connected an external electric fuel pump to a gasoline jug and the engine started right up. I did not leave it running for long as the exhaust has rusted away and it was loud.

This car is either a great parts car or a major restoration project. I did not remove a single part from it, so the car should be complete. As can be seen on the photos, there is rust on the body. The leather interior is dry. I think the paint is the original, but of course that will need to be done. Glass is good and all the trim pieces are there. It does not appear that the car been in an accident. Note that mileage s in kilometers, therefore most likely it is 102,887 kilometers, which is 64,900 miles. Car is a non-runner as the brake and clutch pedal have no hydraulic pressure, the exhaust rusted away, etc. It does roll and steer.

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