1967 Fiat Dino spider

In October 2012 I attended the vintage car show in Padua, Italy. This show is for Italian cars what Hershey. Pennsylvania is for American cars. All sorts of vendors and individuals selling anything from new old stock and reproduction parts, old parts, cars in need of restoration, trailer queens ... well, there is a little (and sometimes a lot!) of everything. I attended the show just to look and had no intentions of buying a car. That changed when this blue Fiat Dino spider called my name! I saw it the first day of the show and kept coming back to look at it. In the last hour of the last day of the show I just could not stand it anymore and pulled the trigger ... the Fiat was coming to America.

The Car Nut

I love the exterior color and the fact that car is not adorned with prancing horses and Ferrari badges that do not belong on the car. The car has an Italian ASI gold certificate, which is an indication that it has been restored as per original using, using the correct materials. I've have a hardtop for it The Fiat Dino is an interesting car. The engine is the 2.0 liter all aluminum V6 which Ferrari needed to get homologated for racing. Ferrari partnered with Fiat in order to build 500 cars with this engine and meet the homologation requirements. Fiat did not stop at 500 cars, this car is #637 and Ferrari also used the same engine in the Dino 206. The displacement was later increased to 2.4 liters and the block changed to cast iron. The later engines were better designed for street use but did not have as much of the racing heritage as the original all aluminum 2.0 liter, which this car has. Some people prefer the later engines since it is more docile but the 2.0 liter revs like a sewing machine and makes wonderful music.

I have also owned a Ferrari 246GT Dino and although the Ferrari is probably a little better looking, the Fiat is a lot more fun to drive. The gearbox and dengine combination on this car are just perfect!

A few months ago Bill Pack, an artist/photographer, took photos of the Fiat Dino.  This car was has many interesting angles and details that make it suitable to artistic photography. You can view his images by clicking here or on the this image.

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