Ghia 450SS

Carrozzeria Ghia was established in 1916 in Turin, Italy and at one time was one of the most important automobile design and coachbuilding firms. Most of their work was for other car manufacturers such as Fiat, Alfa Romeo, Maserati,Ferrari, Volkswagen, plus others. Ghia was purchased by Ford in 1970 and the famous brand was reduced to a trim level designation for Ford cars. Gone were the days of hand built specilaty cars.

During the heyday Ghia created a few models under their own brand name. This website is dedicated to the last of the Ghia branded coach built car ... the 450ss.



The exact number of 450ss manufactured during 1966 and 1967 is unknown. Best guess is around 57 cars were hand-built with estimates of approximately 32 still in existence.
The Ghia 450ss was targeted at an elite clientele that wanted a sporty Italian looking car but without the complications of an Italian engine and mechanical components. In other words, a car that could be maintained by an American shop that could easily source mechanical components locally and not have to wait weeks and months for parts to come from Europe.

This all came at a price. The Ghia 450ss was one of the most expensive cars of its era, similarly priced with Ferraris and Maseratis.

This website is a work in process with the goal of providing a place to obtain copies of original documents, manuals and photos, plus some expert opinions of this much misunderstood car.

If you have a period photo or document that I am missing, please contact me at so I can update the website.

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