1967 Maserati Ghibli Coupe

VIN: AM115 054
Odometer:Approximately 33,000 miles

This Maserati Ghibli is one of the first made with some very unique features not found on the regular production Ghibli. It was the 20th Ghibli made and the 3rd to enter the USA, according to Maserati factory historian Ermanno Cozza. Factory records show the car was built in August of 1967 and imported through Bob Grossman (USA Maserati importer for the East Coast) and that the original color was silver with black leather interior, just like it is today. I was informed that this was the car used by Road and Track for their 1968 Ghibli article.

The car was restored five years ago. This included an engine rebuilt, bare metal paint respray, new chrome, brakes, suspension, etc. There are receipts and photos showing the restoration. Overall I would rate the car as a very nice #2 condition Ghibli.

Some of the unique features of this very early Ghibli are:

  • drop down rear trunk lid
  • dual front brake calipers
  • very unique center console (very attractive, I must say)
  • hood that lacks the air scoops

The most desirable Ghiblis are the very early cars, since they represent the purest design, and the very late SS cars, since they represent the last of an era.


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