1967 Maserati Ghibli

Mileage: 27K miles

Up for sale is one of the best low mileage Ghibli coupes available. This is one of the very early Ghibli with dual brake calipers, drop down rear hatch and knock off Campagnolo wheels. The car is equipped with a 4.7 liter dry sump Maserati V8 fed by four dual throat Webers, four overhead cams, 5-speed ZF transmission, AC (condenser included but not connected), power windows, Becker radio and full leather interior.

The Ghibli is often compared to the Ferrari 365 GTB4 Dayton as they were both introduced at the same time and priced about the same (the Ghibli was slightly more expensive). Like the Daytona, the Ghibli is a massive two seater with a low roof line .... which makes the cars looks extremely attractive. While the Daytona is a little faster than the Ghibli, the Ghibli is more drivable, and arguably, better aesthetics. I have driven three separate Ghibli in long distance events and clocked over 1000 miles each time over a long weekend, never with any mechanical failure. This included long stretches crossing the desert with outside temperatures in the triple digits.

I purchased this Ghibli from a Maserati friend in California, where the car spend most of its life. Mechanically the car was very strong and a good body. The engine had only been driven 3K miles since a complete rebuilt. Unfortunately the car had been painted several times over the years and it was time to strip it down to bare metal. The paint was completely stripped, all chrome and glass were removed. Doors, trunk lid and hood were also removed. The body was virtually rust free and no signs of a major accidents were found ... you can see photos, of the car while it was being restored..

The body was smoothed out and then painted in Grigio Flemington metallic, one of the factory colors for the Ghibli. To say the least, the car looks fantastic in that color! So many Ghibli have been painted red, I think this car looks much more elegant in a shade of silver, grey or blue.

During the time the car was being painted I took the opportunity to rechrome bumpers and the trim pieces.

This Ghibli is a 1967 US model, before the DOT and EPA restrictions which affected all US cars were imposed. Therefore it does not have the extra adornments (such as side lamps, bumper overriders, reflectors) which were imposed on later cars. In addition this car is mechanically identical to its European counterpart without any smog equipment.

This is a partial list of the work done on the car. There are receipts documenting this work.

  • Engine was rebuilt when car had 24,628 miles (less than 3K miles ago). It is the original 4.7 liter matching number engine.
  • All brake calipers were rebuilt in 2001
  • Both brake boosters were rebuilt in 2000
  • New exhaust in 2006
  • Exhaust manifolds were heat coated
  • New clutch, upgraded to the single disc clutch in 2005
  • Engine seals were recently replaced and engine detailed in 2006
  • Bare metal paint job in 2005
  • Rechroming of bumpers and trim pieces in 2005
  • New leather on two front seats (the rest of the leather is original and in very good condition) in 2006
  • New carpeting with original logoed heal pads in 2006
  • New front mats in 2006
  • New windshield and backglass rubber seals in 2005
  • New "mousehair" in dash top in 2005
  • New headliner in 2005
  • Undercarriage detailed in 2006
  • Clock upgraded with electronic movement

To make the car complete, it comes with an original owner's manual, tools, and a lots of documentation. This Ghibli looks and drives extremely nice. I hope whoever purchases the car not only displays it at shows but takes the opportunity to actually drive it. This Maserati engine sings at over 4,000 rpm. It the paint gets a stone chip ... who cares, these cars are meant to be driven!

This car has been sold
Click here to see photos of the car while it was being restored

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