1969 Maserati Ghibli Spyder Conversion

VIN: AM115 694
Motor: AM115S 1087

This is a 1969 Maserati Ghibli spyder conversion (started its life as a coupe) that has been fitted with a genuine Ghibli spyder engine! The conversion was done 20 years ago by J & P Limited in Delaware. This company made conversion kits and performed a few conversions themselves. This car was one of the cars they converted. I spoke to a prior owner that was very involved in the conversion of this car. He mentioned that the original quote was for $35,000 and three months of work. In reality the cost was over $60,000 and took a year. The conversion kits are long out of production and the cost to convert a coupe today would be prohibitive. Click here to view the sales brochure of the conversion kit.

I own a genuine Ghibli spyder and I must say this conversion is very faithful to the original. I have seen some conversion where the body lines do not look correct, especially when the soft top is up. On this car the dimensions are very true and the car looks very good. As mentioned before, the engine on this car came from a genuine Ghibli spyder (#1087) as it is stamped with an "S" which denotes spyder (see photo).

The 4.7 liter engine runs very good and has excellent oil pressure. This car is the Euro version and does not have the ugly side lights and reflectors which were required on USA cars, plus is has the attractive Euro steering wheel. Odometer reading is 61,500 kilometers but I have no way to verify if this is accurate. The car has the attractive (and more reliable) toggle switches and is fitted with AC and power steering. The clutch was recently replaced and the carbs rebuilt and AC serviced. Exhaust is stainless steel. Body shows no signs of rust. Paint is goodfor a driver and it has a few faults where the paint is wavy on the bottom of the passenger door. Interior is quite nice for its age. Soft top is good with one small blemish on the driver's side. Overall a great looking Ghibli spyder for a fraction of the cost of a real spyder

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