1970 Maserati Ghibli SS

VIN: AM115/49 1586

This is the more desirable European version of the Ghibli SS. Car was sold October 1970 in Bologna, Italy. Original colors were Rosso Fuoco with black leather (same as today). Has its matching number 4.9 liter engine. 5 speed ZF gearbox, 60K kilometers (approx 38K miles). Excellent engine compression with an average of 165 psi across the cylinders. Oil pressure is very good at 100psi at 3000 rpm at normal temperature. The car runs and sounds excellent! It idles very good and pulls strong. Gearbox, clutch and brakes all work as they should. Gauges (except clock) are in working order. Headlights, wipers, power windows, lights, etc work. It has AC but it has been too cold to test. The heater works fine.

Paint is good for a driver but it had some prior improper repairs in the bottom of the doors. The passenger does bottom does not fit well because of this improper repair. I sold this car 4 years ago and the paint and body were the same. Personally I would redo the bottom of the doors as the prices of these cars continue to increase and this car deserves to have this fixed properly. There are also small rust bubbles forming on the front of the hood (very common Ghibli problem). Overall the car looks very good and could be enjoyed as is for many years.

Interior is all original, with the exception of the dash top which was redone at some time. The original interior is quite nice and I would definitely leave it alone as it gives the car the right amount of patina. It has two jump seats in the rear, although it would have to be a legless person to use those seats.

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