1972 Maserati 4.7 liter Indy America

VIN: AM116/47*1690

This is one of my latest acquisition and to be honest I was not sure what to do with it. I've come to the conclusion that with the attention that my other cars demand I cannot dedicate the time to restore this Indy.

According to Maserati factory records this Indy was built August 1972 and delivered in Bologna, Italy. It is a Euro version with the more powerful 4.7 liter engine, 5-speed and optional power steering. The original color combination was Grigio New Market with black interior. Grigio New Market is between a silver and dark grey ... very attractive color for an Indy.

The car was in the process of being restored when it came to me. There are some rust areas that will need to be addressed but the frame does not show any signs of collision nor are they rusted. Brightwork is all present and in nice shape. The interior is original and most can be salvaged. Engine is all apart and will need a rebuilt. Block liners look very good. Glass is good. Brake and suspension were not disassembled and are still on the car. The good news is the car appears to be complete. Needless to say it will take time and work but it is a very doable project.

I wish I had the time to do this car justice. I do not want to see this car parted out as it is complete and a 4.7 liter Euro Indy deserves to be restored.


A few fuzzy photos taken 8 years ago when the car was stilltogether.

Notice the nice Euro steering wheel and the later style dash layout. Inside the engine bay you can see

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