1952 Jaguar XK120 roadster

This was one of Jaguar's most significant car produced. For those of you not familiar with Jaguar history the XK120 was a car that was never planned. When Jaguar developed its then new in line 6 cylinder engine (code named XK) it was intended to go into a sedan. Unfortunately the sedan body was not ready so they hurriedly created a sporty car that could be used to display the engine. The sporty car was named XK120. The XK for the engine and 120 for its maximum speed. Needless to say this beautiful sporty car was a hit at the car show and Jaguar decided to put it into production.

This particular XK120 was born just a few months before me and is the oldest car in my collection. I must say that the car has probably aged better than me as it still looks fantastic! It had an extensive nuts and bolts restoration and still retains its original engine. The prior owner was primarily interested in driving the car and had a few sensible upgrades made in order to make the car more usable in modern day traffic. It has a 5-speed gearbox, alternator, better cooling, front disc brakes and a smaller steering wheel. The engine has a more power than stock so the disc brakes come in handy when it is time to stop. If you intend to use your XK120 for anything other than taking it to shows these upgrades make a lot of sense.

The exhaust system on this car sounds fantastic !! I have owned many sports and exotic cars and this Jaguar is one of the best sounding cars I have ever owned. This XK120 has a very solid feel about it. You can dive on the interstate at 80 mph and the steering feels very precise and the suspension solid. This is one of those cars you need to personally inspect it to get a true appreciation for the high level of quality.

Bill Pack, an artist/photographer, took photos of the Jaguar. This car was has many interesting angles and details that make it suitable to artistic photography

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