1961 Jaguar E-type roadster

VIN: 875909
Body: R 2164
Gearbox: EB 4855 JS

Red with black interior, wire wheels, 4 speed, factory hard top

Early car with flat floors and welded louvers. Comes with rare factory hardtop. Runs great! Excellent oil pressure and very strong engine. Decent paint over a very solid rust free body.

I drove the car for about two hours over winding mountain roads and on the interstate highway. I can honestly say the engine on this car is very sweet. The suspension is good, excellent oil pressure, no smoke, plenty of power and proper temperature.

The paint is better than I had expected, although not in show condition. Still, I expected a car that probably would need a paint job and that is definitely not the case. The paint is good enough for someone that wants a nice car to drive. The body is very solid and I did not find any areas that would concern me. The bottom of the doors are very nice. Red appears to be its original color as the paint around the fuses looks original. Panel fitis very good for an early e-type. The chrome also is quite good, although I still need to clean the wire wheels and see how they come out. The engine compartment has a lot of paint overspray that I need to fix before posting additional photos. It has the wrong exhaust system, which works well and sounds good but looks out of place on an e-type.

I checked the engine and body numbers against the e-type database and they all correspond to a 61 XKE. The engine and head number match, the VIN number is properly stamped on the suspension frame and the body number tag is in place.

The seats are in vinyl and do not look bad at all. The door panels were done with the incorrect type of vinyl, the inner rocker and the rear bulkhead was incorrectly done in carpeting. The carpets look cheap. This car would look MUCH better after a new interior kit is installed!

This is a very rare car, perfect for someone that wants a car that can be immediately used yet can easily be made into a much better example.


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