1961 Jaguar E-type Roadster

VIN Number: 875947
Engine R2336-9 (matching number engine)
Silver with black interior and black cloth top

This is a very early Jaguar XKE series 1 3.8 roadster (built October 1961) with the welded bonnet louvers, flat floors, and matching number engine. The car had a complete nuts and bolts restoration some years ago to show condition. The has been driven after the restoration, and it is still in very good #2 condition. If you are looking for an early e-type to drive and not for a trailer queen, this may be the car for you.

Body: Extremely nice! As can be seen from the photos the body gaps are quite good. The floors, rockers, doors, trunk floor, bonnet are all rust free and clean. Undercarriage is detailed and without undercoating .... it is a pleasure to look underneath this car! Paint is very good for a nice driver, not quite up to the standards for a serious show car.

Chrome: Excellent. Wire wheels are also excellent.

Interior and top: Very good. No fading or rips on the leather. Dash top in very good condition. Some minor wear on the console aluminum panels. Top and boot cover are canvas and in very good condition.

Mechanicals: Very good. I did an engine compression test and all cylinders are strong and even. Oil pressure stays at 40psi at 3000 rpm and at normal temperature. Car has plenty of power! This car had a complete mechanical restoration. Wiring harness, brake lines, front suspension, rear suspension, shocks, etc were either replaced or rebuilt. The exhaust system is stainless steel.

Includes: tool kit, knock off hammer, Shelley jack with handle. boot cover (for when the soft top is down), owners manual, lubrication poster

This car was restored with an eye towards originality. It retains its original Blaunpunkt radio in working order, its generator and is still wired as positive ground. A few discreet improvements were made to improve drivability on modern roads... tires are now 205/15 radials and an auxiliary fan was added in front of the radiator mesh.

These early XKE are hard to find in good condition and represent an e-type in its purest form

The 1961 model cars have features that never made it after the first few hundred cars were built. For example louvers on the bonnet were initially welded from a separate part, as the Jaguar factory had not completed the final stamping molds.. These photos show some of the early features found on this car.

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