1962 Jaguar series 1 3.8 E-type Roadster

Car No: 877385
Engine: R5794-9
Body: R3966
Gearbox: EB4968JSO
Odometer: 40,050 miles

This is an incredibly original and rust free early e-type roadster. It had been in California until two years ago and there has never been any rust ... and I do mean no rust, zero, nada. The interior is all original with the exception of the seat covers which were professionally re-covered. The carpeting is also original and even the door panels. Best of all the soft top is still the original, with the lead weights, and in not too bad condition ... it would be a crime to replace it. The boot cover is in good shape for the age and still has the hand written body number (in chalk) in the underside. I have read about these chalk marks in the restoration books but this is the first time I have even seen these markings in all my years of Jaguar ownership. Original Blaupunkt radio. Chrome is very good, including the wire wheels All the boot side material and trunk mat are in good condition, including the trunk wood. The car was re-painted once on the outside, the door jams and engine frame still have the original paint. The paint is shinny and in good condition but it was not a concourse quality paint job.

The gas tank was removed in order to clean and seal it. As can be seen from the photos, under the gas tank is also rust free. The engine starts right away (naturally, it is matching numbers) and has good oil pressure. Idles smoothly and believe it or not this engine leaks very little oil ... which is rather unusual on the early e-type engines! The carbs were recently rebuilt. All the hydraulics work, clutch and gearbox are good, all gauges are working. The gearbox shifts nicer than most other 3.8 series 1 I have driven.

Comes with ownership records dating back to the early 60's and a Jaguar Heritage Certificate which documents that the numbers and color combination are indeed the way it left the factory, and that the car was sold in California. Included is the original owner's manual, spare tire, boot cover (for when the top is down), tonneau cover, logoed rubber mats (to protect front carpets), knock off hammer, CD-ROM with repair and parts manual, and original dealer brochures.

For the last two years I have been using this car as the guide to help me put back a 1964 e-type roadster I am restoring for myself. Finding a Jaguar that is the way it left the factory and is unmolested is very difficult. Although I sold several Jaguars over the last two years, this 1962 is the one I hung unto to serve as the car to replicate.

The car is perfect for the person looking for an early XKE that is as original as possible. I would like to see this car go to someone that is willing to keep the car "as is" and perhaps make it better but not try to over restore it. Unmolested early series 1 e-types, in this type of condition, are extremely difficult to find. As they say .. a car is original only once.

This car has been SOLD
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