1963 Jaguar E-type Roadster

VIN: 879344
Engine: RA1868-9
Body: R6058
Gearbox: EB10026JS
63,150 miles

This is a 1963 series 1 3.8 liter example. The engine was rebuilt by XKs Unlimited and had less than 200 miles when the photos were taken. Notice the aluminum console which is characteristic of the 1961 through 1963 series 1. Later cars where covered in leather/vynil most likely to avoid reflections from the sun. Pesonally I think the aluminum console gives the car character. The bucket seats were non-adjustable (they only move forward and backwards) but are adequate for short trips.

This car has been sold
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Jaguar Heritage Certificate verifying numbers match plus tons of receipts

Photos of engine while it was being rebuilt by XKs Unlimited. Engine currently has less than 200 miles.

This is the area where the paint was chipped and hand tounched

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