1964 Jaguar E-type Roadster

VIN number: 880465
Cream with red interior

This is a blog on the restoration of a 1964 e-type roadster I am doing for myself.

I purchased this Jaguar in June, 2004. The prior owner had started to restore it and many parts were still in boxes. What attracted me to this project is that the body was straight and without rust. If I was to restore one for myself I wanted to make sure I started with a good body and that the car had its original engine... the mechanical things can always be fixed.

A word of warning. Do NOT do what I am doing! It will completely drain all your financial resources, consume any free time you may have, and take much longer than you had anticipated. You would think by now I would know better ....

Click on any of the thumbnails to enlarge. Many more photos will be provided once the car is completed.
The paint the previous owner had put on the car was not that great. The first step was to strip the car and start from scratch. These are photos before the car was stripped

Photos of the car after the car was stripped. The rear suspension will be removed. All the undercarriage undercoating has been removed and will be painted to the same standards as the upper portion of the body.

December 2004: Engine frames have been powder coated

March 2005: Engine bulkhead has been painted and the frames are being installed

August 2005: Rear end is removed, body is going through final blocking and sanding. Doors have been fitted (current off the car). Bonnet still needs to be fitted.

October 2005: Bonnet is being fitted ... body work is almost done, should be ready for final blocking in a few weeks

November 2005: Body work is done, now it is time for final paint prep. The bonnet was taken apart so that all the hidden areas could be painted.

December 2005: This is the moment I have been waiting for ! The doors, trims and trunk lid have been painted. The body is in the paint booth getting the final coats of paint. Front suspension was powder coated and not bushings installed. Rear suspension has new shocks, brake rotors and calipers redone.

December 2005: All the painting has been completed. A special jig was built to allow the painting of the undercarriage.

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